San Antonio Texas DWI Fines Are Expensive!

Posted on May 6, 2015 By

texas dwiIn the state of Texas, a DWI is a serious offense. In addition to the embarrassment and the social stigma of driving while intoxicated, there is a considerable financial burden associated with this charge. Additionally, the risk involved to innocent drivers on the road is paramount as well as possible injury to you or your passengers.

Seeking the  DWI attorney San Antonio advice is the proper course of action to pursue to drastically minimize the severe Texas DWI penalties and costs. In some instances, it is possible to get your case dismissed. Many people do not have a thorough understanding of the seriousness of a DWI, but believe that pleading guilty will save money by not hiring an attorney and fighting the charge. Even without an attorney’s charge, you may be required to pay a minimum of $5000.00 when you consider the list of fines. The minimum DWI surcharge is $3000.00 and that is just the beginning. Jail time is a possibility but usually the first offense does not require jail time. It just depends on the circumstances. Who wants to hive a DWI conviction on their record? It can affect your job and college. Insurance rates will increase for a long period of time if you are allowed to keep your license.

It just makes sense to avoid a Texas drunk driving conviction in the event that an experienced attorney can help to get the charge avoided or dismissed altogether. For more information, contact